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Complete and Continuous Care for Your Family

For you, we give our all to make your days count with quality living; to make your time with family worthwhile; to improve your health as each day passes; and to give you the ultimate comfort right where you live.

About Us

caregiver and elderly woman smilingProlonged stays in a hospital surely does not provide an uplifting feeling for patients. But then again, the home is not a place fit for getting one’s strength back. Our founders have realized that difficulty and aimed to provide a solution.

That is why we have worked so hard to bring you that solution. We have conducted a thorough research on the different care methodologies. We have also put a considerable amount of effort in coming up with the facilities and amenities that will make your recuperation manageable and easy. Also, our band of experienced physicians and registered nurses will make certain that you or your loved ones will receive only quality care.

We hear your call for assistance. Continium Health Care Services, LLC is ready to serve you. You may contact us at 240-882-5473 or 240-965-6122.

Contact Information

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